Integrated Policy


The activity PERFOSUD INTERNATIONAL, S.A. considers that comply with International Standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 is:
Horizontal drilling, micro tunnelling and directional drilling in all types of terrain and diameters
The policy statement includes as guidelines:
1. Comply with legal requirements, and meet the requirements, explicit and implicit requirements and expectations of our clients, carrying out the evaluation and implementation of those requirements.
2. Spread at all levels of our structure objectives, goals and programs and criteria Quality, Environmental Management and SST (Health and Safety at Work).
3. Establish indicators Quality, Environmental Management and SST, and track the progress level thereof, so as to show and ensure service quality and level desired by our customers and ensure rational use of natural resources and a high level of safety and health at work.
4. Apply processes that reduce the environmental impact on our business and assess in advance the environmental impact of new activities or services.
5. Minimizing pollution and waste production to conserve resources.
6. To promote the rational use of natural resources and promoting a clear awareness of our environment, not only through our work, but also involving all our suppliers and customers.
7. Develop programs aimed at the best qualification of our employees further training and involving all staff in achieving all the objectives set out in this document.
8. Consolidate the process of continued improvement in the performance of all activities.
9. Encourage and get the stimulating environment and motivating all members of the company.
10. To ensure that working conditions are optimal by assessing the risks that may occur in the process, eliminating as much as possible and reducing them evaluated.
11. Design processes that reduce the damage and deterioration of health.
The Directorate makes it accessible policy and makes available to all its employees, customers and suppliers and to the general public and stakeholders. It is kept up to date through periodic reviews, coinciding with the revisions made by the management in order to take into account changes in environmental conditions and feedback system.
In that sense it provides and will provide all the human and financial resources, technical resources needed to achieve the objectives and goals established and regularly scheduled.